Sports and recreation is a fundamental part of life for people of all ages. It is extremely important that we all practice some sport because it contributes to our body's health. It is also important because it balances our life, contributing both physically and mentally. Now in the 21st century sport is being neglected too many people because of technology. People nowadays prefer staying home and watching a movie or playing video games instead of doing physical activities. Sports are not only good for health but it is a place where you can have fun, meet new people, learn respect and rules and let off stream with sports. Sports are very important in our lives and as Topend sports state, there is a wide range of choice as in the world there are about 800 different sports and more than 300 are recognized nationally or internationally (Topend Sports, 2008).

Sports has the aim of winning or reaching a certain level; on the other hand recreation is what you do in your free time to keep yourself busy. The main purpose for recreation is participating. The most common sports are: football, gymnastics, tennis, basketball, volleyball, horse riding, baseball, table tennis, field hockey.... Some which are starting now their leap are: Golf, Cheerleading, Ice Skating...

The most common recreational activities are: Fishing, birdwatching, skateboard, Trail running, snorkelling, surf, triathlon, but the most important recreation activity is Stand up Paddling (Castillo, 2019). 

Golf                            Ice Skating                     Cheerleading


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